First Week in DC

My internship at the US-Ukraine Foundation in Washington DC has been a delightful experience. The Foundation works with non-governmental agencies in the US and Ukraine in order to promote democratic values and peace throughout the Ukrainian territory. The Foundation also gathers resources that can be delivered to Ukrainians bearing the consequences of the country’s ongoing conflict. It was wonderful to meet Foundation’s leadership board and learn more about Ukraine’s current issues. For a native of Ukraine, this internship will give me a chance to explore and address the economic, political, and social issues facing Ukraine today and become an advocate for the Ukrainian people from around the world. My responsibilities will be to attend briefings, seminars, and conferences in DC that are related to Ukraine and compose reports for the Foundation that could be later made available to the public. I am also in charge of reporting on the public health issues in Ukraine, particularly the current HIV epidemic.

After the meeting with the skilled and dedicated members of the Foundation, I attended a conference at the Capitol Hill that centered on Frozen Conflicts. The conference was very informative and featured Congressman Gerry Connolly. My assignment was to create a report that provided a summary and analysis of the presentation. Few days later, I attended a conference sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign that focused on the HIV epidemic in Russia. I am currently writing a report on the HIV/AIDS epidemic both in Russia and Ukraine. I am working with 3 other interns. A journalist from Ukraine, a student in international relations from University of Maryland, and a public administration specialist from George Mason University. These interns started their internships earlier and were very welcoming during my first week in DC.


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