Changing Perspectives Blog #4

This past week has been a whirlwind of stress and constant workloads on everyone in the Precision Neurotherapeutics Lab.  Mayo is constantly busy and there hardly ever seems like there is a time to catch your breath.  This was my initial impression of the lab and the hospital,  and it has stayed true to my first observations.  My perspectives have been slightly changed because at times I used to think that I was seeking a calmer atmosphere when in reality I am now addicted to hectic-ness of a hospital and/or lab.


The picture above is one of the many display cases in the lab.  Researchers (including myself) are allowed access to any item in the cases for interest or for use in research.  The opportunities and experience this lab has to offer never cease to amaze me.

This week we had quite a few big name donators coming in to tour the lab.  Surprisingly I was chosen to present my main project to one of the donars and the accompanying surgeons.  I presented on my research studying whether there is a correlation between different genetic markers and the different glioblastomas (brain tumor) subtypes.  It was quite the stressful experience, but it taught me to feel comfortable and confident presenting on the fly with a moments notice.  I never realized how often researchers had to be ready to speak and explain their research. I used to shake and quiver in my boots when I was going to have to present, but my perspective on this has radically changed. I’m shocked that I have come to love presenting and talking about my research and I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to present in the future.


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