#3- Planning for the Future

When I began this internship I thought that I had a solid plan for my future already in place. I wanted to do work in public health, ideally hospital administration, and social work was nowhere in that plan. I had taken this job because Mount Sinai is a widely acclaimed hospital and the work I would be doing was hands-on, creative, and important.

With summer half way over, my plans for my future have transformed thanks to the work I’ve been doing in my internship.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by medicine. I always thought that I would pursue a medical career until my first semester at college. I realized very quickly that I was far more interested in my sociology and women’s studies classes than my bio and chem classes. So public health seemed like the natural alternative. I had never even heard of medical social work until this summer.

Hospital social workers are directly involved in daily patient care. They help ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible and help them maneuver through the very complicated healthcare system. With all of the research and writing I have been doing, I have learned so much about the important work these people do and all of the interesting issues that are involved.

After speaking to various individuals in the Department of Social Work Services here at Mount Sinai, I have begun to rethink my career path. I would love to get my dual masters in public health and social work, with a focus in health care. Working as a patient advocate and care coordinator would combine my interest in medicine with my interest in social justice and advocacy.

This internship has truly opened my eyes to the career possibilities that align with my interests and has given me the opportunity to meet so many people in this field. I am excited to keep learning, about social work and about myself!



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