Plans…? What plans? #1

Before the start of my internship, I was dead set on graduating in December and moving out to the D.C. metro area.  My dream was to work somewhere in politics while living in a politically sound environment.  After my experience with Michigan in Washington, I had no doubts.  I finally felt like I had a plan and I was no longer lost in a sea of students just attending class with hopes of one day waking up with a plan.

This summer has shattered my plans

Not in a bad way, but all plans are definitely out the door.

The biggest thing I have learned so far with my experience this summer is that “planning” at this point in my life is almost a waste of time.  Because any “plan” you may have, has the potential of being ruined or sidetracked by any outside force.  I haven’t given up on any of my dreams or my ability to set goals but I have become flexible.

Not everything in life can go according to a plan.

I have heard that phrase countless times by friends, family, and mentors. Never did I believe a word of it, until this summer.  I could plan out my entire day and still not be able to follow the plan.  My new outlook on “planning” and life has changed, but I truly believe it is for the better.  I find myself open to more experiences, opportunities, and less stressed when I no longer stress about my life long plan.

So what does any of this have to do with my experience in D.C. or working in politics?

Answer: This year has been one of the most chaotic political years in the history of the United States of America.  The Trump phenomena has political scientist puzzled and shocked, while standing by to watch history unveil itself to the world. Working for a digital marketing group that works with political campaigns means expecting even years to be busy years in the industry.  But when the presidential nominee doesn’t believe in targeted data, the idea of a presidential year being a “BIG BUSINESS” year is out the door.  Not only has the political world taken a stab at my plans but jumping into a world that I am not used accustomed to has changed the plan. I have been exposed to more information throughout my duration at my internship than I have my entire time in college.  I have learned real life marketable skills.  With the skills I have learned, I’ve realized areas that I am weak and areas where I am strong.The light that has been cast onto my life has showed me that I like marketing, I like this new technology world that I never expected to work or understand.  Now I see myself working for a tech company and learning more  skills before I gain more debt in grad school than I know how to handle.  I’ve realized that I would love to be closer to home than what I am now.  Without this summer I would still have the plan, but the plan that eventually would have changed later.  I am grateful for realizing this now, rather than later.


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