Living in New York / #4

One of the major aspects of my internship experience this summer is the physical location of which I am in. It was a major factor in my decision when accepting my offer because I knew I wanted to be challenged in a new city, and if there is any place for that, New York is definitely up one of them.

I had never been to the city before, neither visited or vacationed, so it was truly a surprise to arrive to. Though, it was just as I had imagined. It’s busy, big and aggressive, but nothing I can’t handle. It actually doesn’t feel as big anymore now that I know my way around for the most part. The first week I moved here, I was scared to go anywhere, but now that I have gotten my bearings, I go for aimless runs after work and find my way back home no problem. Not knowing where I am running and getting lost is an idea that used to scare me, now it keeps my run exciting.

More than its grand size, I’ve truly experienced how diverse it is. There are people of all walks, shapes, ethnicities. There is such an eclectic mix of culture and styles. You could probably wear anything here and no one would blink an eye because you see it all. The downfall to this melting pot of people, is the economic factor. There are many, many people that struggle to live in the city and the homeless population is very prevalent on the streets. It’s hard to pass by people and not be able to help them all like I wish I could.

Another quality of New York I have become accustomed to is the aggressive and fast-paced nature. While I don’t think I have become aggressive, I do think I quickly picked up on the fast paced lifestyle. Everything is rush, rush, rush. I get to work downtown on the subway in a matter of minutes some days. Speed walking across town in a pair of heels? No problem. 30 minutes from work to class? More than enough time. The only real pause I seem to encounter is the tremendous line in Trader Joes any evening of the week and even that is ushered with a person who’s job it is to solely shout out and direct to open registers for shoppers impatiently waiting.

Lastly, New York is really as expensive as they say it is. I learned that when I started grocery shopping, and when I had to take a cab late at night, and when I lost my Metrocard. One of the great things about New York is how much there is to do there. With so many friends in the city, I love to do fun things outside of work but the costs really add up fast.

Either way, I love the city. I think it has opened my eyes to many things and given me a new view of the world. Some call New York the fashion capital of the world, which makes it vital to my internship experience in this industry. Overall, I love this opportunity I have to be here and I know I will miss it when I go back to Ann Arbor. I am beyond grateful to be here for the summer and experience my work in such an incredible hub for fashion. Now that I know how great it is, I hope after graduation I will be back!


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