City of Brotherly Love | Blog Post #1

My summer internship is located at the University of Pennsylvania, which is commonly referred to simply as Penn. For those who are unfamiliar with the school, Penn is located in Philadelphia’s “University City”, which is a short distance from downtown Philadelphia (known by locals as Center City). As a result of the proximity to center city, I’ve done some exploring around Philadelphia. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about my home for the summer! 
For starters, I learned that Penn is not alone in University City. Drexel University also shares the neighborhood, giving the area a unique “college town” feel while still retaining its urban identity. However, the areas immediately adjacent to University City, including center city, do not lack any vibrancy. This creates an atmosphere of positivity and high energy that only adds to the positive feel on Penn’s campus.
Outside of university city, I’ve also spent a large portion of my time exploring center city, specifically the “Old City” section. There, I learned more about the birth of our nation than I ever thought I would. From tours of independence mall to visiting Penn’s Landing, my knowledge of Philadelphia’s history has increased tremendously. And because the history of Philadelphia is the history of early-America, my understanding of the formation of our country has also strengthened. 
Furthermore, I hadn’t really considered the regional importance of Philadelphia until this summer. For instance, my internship took us to visit the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia. There, the Consul General explained Philadelphia’s role as a leader in the mid-Atlantic region. The city serves as a cultural and economic hub between New York City and Washington DC. Both cities are a close distance away, as I’ve visited New York once and am set to visit DC on the 29th. This ensures that the three metropolises maintain close ties to each other.
Despite all of the positive things about Philadelphia, I do not think I’d like to return here after graduating. Outside of University City and Center City, Philadelphia gives off a less vibrant attitude (in my opinion at least). Additionally, although the proximity of DC and New York is a plus, there seems to be more opportunity in my field of interest in those two cities. However, I will always consider Philadelphia a nice play to visit from time to time!


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