A Day at DHDC | #2

It’s hard to capture a “normal day” at the good old Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation. What we do varies so much and I rarely know where I’ll be going in advance. It’s quite the adventure. Sometimes I stay at the office all day, sometimes I’m go to an elementary school, sometimes I go to a potluck at the executive director’s house that I didn’t know I was supposed to make food for. But some things are scheduled, like the field trips we take the parents we work with on. Last time we took the moms to Belle Isle, a really beautiful state park with a conservatory, aquarium, zoo, and beach!


This is inside the conservatory (one of my favorite places ever, especially the cacti room). It’s a really beautiful place and it’s free!


Part of the conservatory from the outside. There’s a little picnic table but I’m fairly certain you’re not allowed to take food in to eat there, which was a huge disappointment to discover.


This isn’t the world’s best picture, but it’s a view from the beach at Bell Isle. Unfortunately, that is not Canada.


It’s me, right in the middle of two of my coworkers and a bunch of parents! Not pictured: so many children.


This isn’t actually from the Belle Isle trip, but it ice cream from a fun shop in Southwest Detroit called La Michoacana. I definitely have no idea what exactly was in this, but it was delicious. Southwest Detroit actually has more businesses than both Midtown and Downtown (but not combined).


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