What surprised me the most…

I loved my time as an intern at IBM. The way we were treated like real employees, and the freedom and respect we were given is what surprised me the most. As an intern, a student without an official college degree, you sometimes expect to be treated child-like. That is how we are treated half of the time, and we complain about it to no end. What surprised me was how “adult” I felt, at IBM this summer. In my previous internships, the interns were always grouped together and had to follow the daily routine of what our intern manager gave us. In this internship with IBM we were given the freedom to set our own work time frames, and to sit with whom we wanted to sit with, even if that was a full time employee with ten years experience. We were given the freedom to shadow on a client meeting without getting approval to step outside of the office.

I appreciated the way they treated us as interns and I think it says something about how they run their organization. They wouldn’t give us they freedom they did unless they had confidence that we could handle it. IBM hires great hard-working individuals that they can trust to get the job done without needing a babysitter. This was what surprised me about IBM in the best way possible.


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