Blog #3-Overcoming Obstacles

So before the weekend started, I asked my employer for some feedback regarding my performance and my overall attitude when working. To be frank, I am not very surprised at the feedback he provided me, but hearing it from him helped me to better course correct so that I can leave the internship with the appropriate skills and good habits. My manager told me that some things I should work on are my general attitude while at work. While I am very positive, I also tend to get distracted easily by conversation with my co-workers. Therefore, my supervisor gave me some tips while completing tasks. He recommends to take short breaks so that I keep my mind active and awake. He also recommended me to eat healthy and keep a good nutrition. My main tasks are to source new points of contact for my bosses and research new potential companies that we can get involved with. These tasks can become a little redundant at times so it can be difficult to stay motivated. However, one day my supervisor gave me a little perspective on my role in the process. Essentially, getting these contacts will allow us to generate leads to build new business, which is absolutely critical to the success of the organization. Gaining that perspective allowed me to feel a new sense of purpose that can push me forward through the boring and more mundane tasks. Some challenges that I faced were mainly maintaining a professional attitude while at work. I tend to joke around and socialize with my co-workers. However, I fixed this problem by understanding and truly comprehending the urgency of the work that I am doing. I learned the importance of separating work from play and making sure that I get what I need to get done with urgency.


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