Blog Post #1: First Few Weeks

Hello everybody,

I have the opportunity to intern at DTE Energy, one of the largest utility providers in Michigan, for the the summer. I started in the beginning of June and am en route to completing my third week.  My role is that of a data analyst intern within their Distribution Operations Performance Center (thats a mouthful).

Basically what the DO Performance Center does is create and analyze different data sets for the company involving outage reports, year-long predictions, and financial dashboards. These are only a few of the tasks that this group is involved in and what I will be and have been working on during the summer.  During my first week two weeks, my main role was to audit data about outage reports in order to see how data was obtained for outages. Afterwards, I was able to discuss where this data went and how it was used for the company.  It has been interesting and I have been able to gain guidance from senior employees in my group.

What I enjoy most about this group is the fact that everyone is always willing to lend an open hand and does not treat you like a new comer when you first start. Although they have been doing this for many, many years, it is great that they welcome in interns and new employees with such kindness.  I hope to begin working more with the metrics produced by the group because that is inevitably what I want to work with and understand more of.

Also, you’d be surprised how many squirrels/birds are involved with electrical outages!

Warm regards from the mid-west side of Detroit,



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