Change is Good! #1

Reporting in from training at Google! So many exciting things are happening around me as I start to learn more about my role, my team, and the Google culture.

First off, I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It’s a once in a life time chance and I plan on taking advantage of it in every way. This includes a list of some serious and not so serious items:

  • Doing my core role really well!
  • Reevaluating my personal/professional goals seriously and thinking big picture
  • Joining employee resource groups
  • Creating lasting friendships
  • Making and meeting great mentors
  • Developing my own personal brand.
  • Completing my Google Bucket List, which includes asking a question to Larry and Sergey at TGIF + eating at Google’s 40+ cafes :,)

You might’ve noticed that most of these items have to do with networking and creating new relationships! As a rising super senior, feeling a wee old compared to all the college young’ns, I can’t tell you how important it is the people you surround yourself with. You are who you hang out with. Not ands, buts, ifs about it. Considering this, it’s a blessing to be surrounded by an amazing group of interns and colleagues who are passionate about something and unafraid to speak their opinions. There is so much to learn at any corner.

The only challenge I’d say is getting overwhelmed by the plethora of resources Google has. I want to do everything! I’m trying to keep in mind though my own mental and physical capacity and taking things one thing at a time. Going along these lines, I think many of us joining a company for an internship often want to speed through it and do our absolute best. I of course want to do this, but I hope to balance my desire to succeed with focus on the greater picture which is my own personal growth and fulfilling things like helping my colleagues and the advertisers I will work with everyday over the phone.

Overall, I’m super excited! Change is scary, but my favorite quote of all time is “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Every time I’ve went through change in my life, I realize it’s been for the best. And, dealing with the uncertainty of being in a new city, making new friends, and succeeding at a new role, make me grateful to be alive! 🙂


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