#1 The start of something good

Yesterday I started working on my Michigan Sustainability Case Study that is focused on the health issues of urbanization in Ghana. This experience is valuable to me as I seeking to g;o to graduate school in Environmental Health. The University of Michigan has a goal of producing over 250+ MSC Case Studies the next few years, including the one I am working on. I am tasked to research find background information, along with incorporating engaging visual and audio media. The case study also will feature an engaging learning exercise. These interactive case studies are meant to supplement other learning activities and they provide students with hands on material. In the end of July-mid August, other students and I will get to travel to Accra, Ghana to work on interviewing stakeholders for our cases, as well as participating in running an oceanography summer school. I am excited to work on the case study and am interested on where it takes me.


One thought on “#1 The start of something good

  1. Jayson, I am excited to share in your vacation experiences. The blog is a great idea! The case studies you talk about sound interesting…esp., the interactive learning part. Of course, you will add so much to the case studies with your talent for producing engaging, uplifting, audio and visual! Hope your flight and travel there was smooth and safe. How long did it take your group to arrive in Ghana? Have a great time! Kathleen


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