The enjoyment lies in the Knowledge #1


If you were to tell me a year ago that I would be considering going to Law School, I would have told you that you were crazy and obviously did not know me very well. Well the truth is, I obviously did not know myself very well because here I am one week after starting my internship at the Bronx County Supreme Court and I realize that Law School is not such a wild idea anymore.


Going into this internship I did not have much direction and did not really have any idea what the summer would entail, other than that I was interning for four different Judges over a seven-week period. I did not even hear from the first Judge I was interning for until late Saturday  night (when I was staring the following Monday) and even then the email was very bland only saying to arrive at her chambers by 9:30 am Monday morning. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got to her chambers bright and early Monday morning to find that she was waiting for me with papers, folders, and notebooks detailing the weeks to come. Although Judge Rosado worked in Civil Court, she did not want my experience to be limited, so she set up the week so that each day Maria, the other intern I was working with and I would be in various courts so we would be able to get a taste of everything.

Within this first week I feel that I have learned more than I could even imagine and I still have six more weeks to go. Because most of the other interns I have met, including Maria, are Law Students, I thought that during my time at this internship I would be pretty lost and confused. And while yes, the law students might know a little more than me about specifics, I have been learning so much and have been following along in many court rooms just fine. In the first week alone I have done the following:

  1. Observed conferencing in Consumer Credit Court;
  2. Sat at the bench at Criminal Court Arraignments;
  3. Observed Jude Soto in a trial of damages concerning a car accident;
  4. Observed oral arguments at the Appellate Division;
  5. Sat with Law Clerk Mary during court conferences on Labor Law cases
  6. Went to a LGBT and the Law Class;
  7. Watched two Medical Malpractice trials;
  8. Spent a day in intake at Family Court;
  9. Attended a summer internship lecture on legal writing and drafting decisions; and
  10. Observed Evidentiary Hearings of Summary Jury Trial.

I have done all of this and only been there for five days. If I experienced this much in just five days, I truly cannot imagine what I am going to experience over the next six weeks. I did not think that I would have learned this much this quickly and I can honestly say that has been my favorite part of the internship. The enjoyment of this internship in fact does lie in knowledge. You hear so often where interns are not doing much, but from day one Judge Rosado explained to Maria and I that she did not have to accept interns, but she did because she wants us to be able to learn and experience. We are not there just to get her coffee or pick up her dry cleaning, but we are there to learn about the court system and see what a career in law can look like. That is the best part! I am learning things that not even every first year law student knows.

So for these next six weeks you won’t be able to find me making coffee runs or playing on my phone waiting until I can go home; no, you will find me in various court rooms studying several different Judges getting to understand and learn about what my future will look like in the court room!



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