Internship First Day and Surprises | #1

Hello all! This summer I am interning at a Financial Services company in downtown Detroit. It has been quite an experience. The learning curve has been steep, but every day in enjoyable. Applying what I’ve been studying in classes is enjoyable. Also, working downtown is amazing. The atmosphere is completely different than what I originally expected. Getting lunch in Campus Martius or attending the various events that happen around the Renaissance Center has been fun and amazing.


But more about the internship and the overall experience thus far! I was surprised the first day to network with all the other interns. Around half come from UofM, so there are plenty of Wolverines in the office! The first few day were hectic, getting all the systems set up and getting settled in.


The actual internship this far has been interesting. It is interesting to learn how an auto lender operates. There is an insane amount of work, coordination, and monitoring that goes on behind the scenes. I have just started to work on my grand project that I will be presenting at the end of my internship, so wish me luck as I dive deep into the work, and learn plenty throughout the next weeks.


And oh, I have a really dope view from my desk!


-Kyle M


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