First Weeks | #1

I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work as a risk intern at Global Atlantic. This is my first internship in the field and I knew there was going to be some challenges right off the bat.

During the first couple of weeks, I was exposed to many sorts of industry concepts and jargon. It was difficult at first to learn and memorize them all, but I tried my best to bring myself up to speed by reviewing them any chance I could. On the second week, my manager gave me the responsibility of managing an Excel workbook. This task required a bit of Economics knowledge, and as a Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management Major, my economics background was not the strongest. However, I did my best to understand these economic concepts by researching them on the internet or asking my manager for help when I had questions. I also purchased a subscription to the Wall Street Journal so that I could keep myself up to date with the markets.

The first couple of weeks was amazing. Although I was confronted with challenges in that period, it was really a great opportunity to dive into the company and industry.


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